Coffin Hop Press is in the #CoffinHop house!

First off, a million thank you’s and heartfelt salutations to all of the participants, readers and fans who made the 2014 #CoffinHop another great success. I certainly hope a fun time was had by all, and we here at Coffin Hop Press look forward to doing it all again next year.

Secondly, you may have noticed a little rebranding going on here on the Coffin Hop page… Fear not, Coffin Hop Press is still the official sponsor and host of the annual #CoffinHop online event, and information on the event is still available right up there in the top right corner of the page under Coffin Hop Event, but for the other 51 weeks of the year, rather than letting the website and other assets I lend to the purposes of Coffin Hop every year lie fallow, I will be using my resources as originally intended, for the publishing and promotion of Coffin Hop Press books. Pleasecheck out the menus at the top of the page for info on our little venture Coffin Hop Press, links to our official Coffin Hop Press/ Coffin Hop Store and for information on CHP Books, both our current offerings, and our titles that are Coming Soon

So thank you for your patronage, your participation and your support – both during the #CoffinHop season and throughout the year.


Carry On and Keep Hopping!

-Axel Howerton

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