Happy Launch Day! TALL TALES OF THE WEIRD WEST is available everywhere NOW! In celebration of such grand news, Coffin Hop Press is offering up (3) free digital copies (a $6.99 value!) to lucky commenters on this here post.

Tall tales of weird wonder and ten-gallon terror from the likes of stories by Jackson Lowry (Great West Detective Agency), C. Courtney Joyner (Shotgun), Scott S. Phillips (Squirrel Eyes) and Axel Howerton (Hot Sinatra), and new talents R. Overwater, Allan Williams, Grady Cole and Craig Garrett.

We’re also happy to offer a little sneak-peek by way of the introduction, by TTWW‘s very own author of Rosie’s Chicken & Waffles–the masked madman of Alpaca Rancho De La Hoya–the weird and wired Duke of Destruction–the mysterious stranger who line-dances with danger–the mysterious El Cuchillo…

Tall tales of the weird west, that’s what we got us here…

Whether it’s were-wolves, choo-pee-cab-raws, stories from a different time and place—even dang ol’ zombies—ain’t nothin’ like a fine tale and a good glass of whiskey to warm you on a cold night out under the stars. Funny things, them stars… They just keep on shinin’ down, watchin’… waitin’… And once in a while, somethin’ comes down out of that cold black void and lights up the midnight skies like nothin’’ you ever seen. Then—especially then, friend—you want to be ears-up, wary like a jackrabbit.
Yessir, you never know when a book like this might come in handy. Some night, out under them funny stars, when the night winds call your name and that lonely coyote howls out to lord knows what up there on that big ol’ moon… Somethin’ like this might just give you the right idea to save yourself a little trouble of your own.
Knowledge is power, some wise sumbitch once said, and this kind of knowledge ain’t easy to come by. The stories in this here book are all one-of-a-damn-kind. Special-like. Full of terror and wonder and all kinds of strange goings-on. Things you only hear about by campfire light, or in the darkest corner of the shadiest whorehouse saloon.
We certainly hope you enjoy ‘em. If’n you do, go tell a friend or, better yet, buy ‘em their own damn copy so they don’t sneak off with yours.
So settle your behind, light up your brains, and ‘git to readin’.

–El Cuchillo
Writer of the Weird Frontier
Spring 2015

You can find all of the retailer links HERE -> http://coffinhop.com/chp-books/tall-tales-weird-west/

And you can keep your eyeballs on this page for news about upcomng appearances and events where you can grab yerself some TALL TALES OF THE WEIRD WEST.

Tall Tales Of The Weird West – Book Launch! April 16 @ Owl’s Nest Books, Calgary
Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! April 16-19 – Table U-03

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