SUMMER 2016 – Untitled Sci-Fi Noir Anthology

“Illumination” Liz Howerton Photography
We at Coffin Hop Press are looking for stories in the 4,000-8,000 word range in the very specific niche of SCIENCE FICTION NOIR (Tech-Noir, whatever you wanna call it) for an anthology to debut in August 2016, edited and curated by Axel Howerton

As with previous anthologies, please send an inquiry with a story proposal before sending a finished story. We will not accept unsolicited submissions. – subject line: SCI-FI NOIR/<your name here>

Payment terms and details will be discussed once a proposal has been reviewed.

Proposal deadline: March 31, 2016

Final manuscript deadline: May 30, 2016

Please keep in mind, this is a very specific call for specially tailored stories. Just because your protagonist is a detective, or someone wears a fedora in the year 2095, or a female character is described as having gams is not enough to qualify a story as Noir. Please ensure that your idea, and subsequent story, adhere to the spirit of the genre: Dark, nihilist, psychologically complicated. Characters should be possessed of questionable morals. Institutions should be corrupt and malevolent. Sexual dalliances should always end in convoluted doom.

Apply the themes and character types to a Science Fiction setting and plot, and you will be preparing your nutritional supplementation with appropriate amounts of properly rendered lipids to achieve optimal internal temperature for safe consumption (cooking with grease, man).

We’re looking for Jim Thompson in Space, not Buck Rogers with spats.

Here’s some reference for what we mean: PLEASE READ BEFORE PROPOSING A STORY

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