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Uno MossFCUno Moss
(Hot Sinatra Stories)

By Axel Howerton

From the hilariously hard-boiled world of Axel Howerton’s Arthur Ellis Award-nominated HOT SINATRA!

Uno Moss is a trip back into the weird and wild Los Angeles of Mossimo Cole and friends. A collection of both previously published, and brand-new adventures featuring the thugs, heroes, lost souls and lovable rejects that make the world of Hot Sinatra go round! Grab a cuppa joe, steal yourself a seat, buy yourself a drink.

Buckle in and enjoy the show!

“Moss Cole sizzles hotter than bacon!” – Red Tash, author of This Brilliant Darkness and Troll or Derby

“Part Donald Westlake, part Elmore Leonard, and a whole bunch that’s inimitably Axel Howerton.” – Jayne Barnard, Clockworks and Crime. Arthur Ellis Award winning author of When the Bow Breaks

“It’s been a long while since I’ve read a PI hard-boiled detective book that caught me up so completely.” – Robert E. Vardeman, author of the God of War, and Cenotaph Road series.

“Axel Howerton is one of the best damn crime fiction writers out there… hell, one of the best writers. Period. Do yourself a favor and settle into Axel’s groove.” – Scott S. Phillips, author of the Pete, Drinker of Blood series.

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