Death By Drive-In


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204 Pages
ISBN-10: 149290256X
ISBN-13: 978-1492902560
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ASIN: B00G3C30M4
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All profits from DEATH BY DRIVE-IN go to to support worldwide childrens literacy programs.

COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is a collection of some of the best and brightest of the Coffin Hop crew, with 21 amazing B-movie inspired stories from some of the best Indie authors around. All profits from the anthology will be donated to, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting child literacy and social improvement the world over.

Featuring an introduction by cult horror filmmaker, author and all-around pop-cult expert Scott S. Phillips, and a special cliffhanger episode of the epic comic book phenomenon – Robot Lincoln and Zombie Jackson as they face the sinister Dr. Acula and his steam-powered supermen! Edited by Axel Howerton with Siren’s Call Publications and published by Coffin Hop Press.


  • A strange outbreak in the wilds of Alaska may spell unexpected apocalypse.
  • Who are we, really? Where did we come from? And who stole Betty’s brain?
  • Glenda is hot, available, and totally wild, in the most primal sense of the word.
  • Did old Mrs. Danek really see a spaceship? Or is she out of her mind?
  • A creature haunts the depths of the Black Lagoon, searching for peace and quiet
  • A scientist chooses love over duty in the shadow of a modern colossus.
  • An unexpected knick-knack leads to the total destruction of suburbia.
  • Los Chupacabras! at the last lonely strip club in a desert wasteland.
  • Baked goods on the warpath!
  • An accursed bathroom stall spells doom for wayward souls.
  • Superpowers bestowed by a faulty microwave may not be a wish come true.
  • Karma comes calling in a black Mustang.
  • A mechanical monster lays waste to a Hollywood film.
  • The Queen of Screams finds her voice through pain and sacrifice.
  • The ancient bane of Tokyo looks back on a life of carnage.
  • The creatures of the night don’t take kindly to your condescension.
  • Lady Marikova meets her new husband, and he’s a legendary ladykiller!
  • Bee hates spiders. She might want to lock the doors.
  • Frank’s idea of “playing dead” just got dead serious.


Nicolas Caesar interior art from DEATH BY DRIVE-IN


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