Rocket Ryder and Little Putt-Putt Go Down Swinging

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By Timothy Friend

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104 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-988987-00-2
ISBN-10: 1988987008
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“The best little book of Noir you’ll ever read!”
– Axel Howerton, Ellis Award nominated author of Hot Sinatra, and Con Morte

Violent, exciting noir fiction, laced with pitch black humor.

When Rick Tanner and Scotty Crane get the news that theirlow-rent 50’s kiddie show has been cancelled they figure they’vehit rock bottom, but when the director of their show is murdered, and they’re framed for the crime, they discover How far they still have to fall. This dynamic duo – one a terminally ill Korean war vet, the other a hopeless drunk – set out on a quest for blind justice that leaves a trail of bodies from Kansas City to theOzarks in a misguided mission that brings them face to face with corrupt cops, deadly gangsters, and criminal politicians. As they discover the truth about their friend’s death,and the untouchable nature of the guilty parties, Rick and Scotty realize there’s no way out for them or their out-of-work alter egos.. It isn’t a question of if they’re going down, but how.

“Kick-ass crime and old-skool TV sleaze delivered in heapin’ helpings of tasty goodness. And I wish I could watch Ghost of the Voodoo Ape right the hell now.”

Scott S. Phillips, filmmaker and author of the Pete, Drinker of Blood series, and Gun Up

“This is not a time capsule of your granddaddy’s nostalgic childhood. It’s a timelessly tantalizing tale of complex, compelling characters caught in a wildly woven web of deceit and death, conveyed in the stylishly seductive tradition of classic pulp literature. Compulsively readable, effortlessly enthralling entertainment.”

Will “The Thrill” Viharo, author of the Vic Valentine P.I. series, and A Mermaid Drowns at the Midnight Lounge

“Rocket Ryder and Little Putt-Putt Go Down Swinging is a weird and wonderful little gem of a book, capturing the accidental dadaism of early kid’s TV and delivering a powerful noir punch.”

– Scott Phillips, Hammet, Edgar, and Gold Dagger Award nominated author of The Ice Harvest, and The Adjustment


About the Author

author_photo_FriendTimothy Friend is a Midwest based writer/filmmaker. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Media Arts from University of Missouri, Kansas City. He has written and directed two feature films, and his fiction has appeared in a variety of publications such as Thuglit, Crossed Genres, and Needle; a magazine of noir.