Orange Planet Horror

BISAC: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General, FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Private Investigators, FICTION / Literary
By Laird Ryan States

ISBN-13: 978-1-988987-15-6 ASIN: B08253K4YS
Paperback MSRP: $19.99 USD Digital MSRP: $6.99
316 pages

Lost in a future not of his making, simple farm-boy turned unwitting space cowboy, Red Hayes has already faced sentient robots, cannibal alien matriarchs, hairy space primate warrior tribes, and an ancient pint-sized Galactic tyrant. Now, stranded on a strange new planet with a dark history, abandoned by his own great-great-great-(great-great?) granddaughter, Red faces his deadliest challenge yet. Isolation, exposed organs and intergalactic violence. It’s… FUTILITY! Orange Planet Horror

*Best Graphic Novel*
Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association

“FUTILITY is gross, violent, darkly funny sci-fi: a pulpy but completely modern space adventure” – Fiona Staples, Eisner and Harvey Award winning artist of Gods and Monsters and Saga

FUTILITY is what a baby conceived of Steve Ditko and Robert Crumb would look like. Strange and filthy. Not for the whole family. Especially Grandma. Unless she’s into that type of thing, in which case it’s definitely for her.” – Scott Kowalchuk, Artist of Batman ’66; Lucha Liberty; The Mysterious Strangers; The Intrepids

“Congratulations on the latest issue of FUTILITY, puny humans! Despite the fact you apparently put more effort into drawing Red’s       than you do into our handsome insectoid forms, your monkey brethren keep coming back for more. It ‘s no wonder why your species is in such decline.” – Andy Mant, The Mants

We all love hearing about other people’s shitty lives, and Red Hayes is the biggest loser of them all! Every issue of FUTILITY is jam-packed with Red’s intergalactic mishaps. You want to feel sorry for him but, really, you can’t help feeling great about yourself. I love FUTILITY comics because of this.” – Danko Jones, Model Canadian.

FUTILITY is a strange, funny, gut-turning parody that could make a person question the acceptable limits of cartoon violence.” – GMB Chomichuk, Award winning writer and illustrator of Midnight City; Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal

Orange Planet Horror is the fifth, King-Sized issue of the independent comic FUTILITY created by artist Cam Hayden and writer Rick Overwater. This graphic novel edition is published by Coffin Hop Press Ltd., an Alberta based small press publisher of dark crime and weird fiction. Issues #1-4 are available now through local comic shops throughout Alberta and via http://overwater.ca/futility . Issues #1-4 will be collected in a second graphic novel in 2019 by Coffin Hop Press.

About the Author

Rick Overwater has been a professional writer for over 20 years. He’s covered music and entertainment for a major urban daily and Alberta’s entertainment weeklies, is an established agriculture writer, has churned out reams of ad copy, and has showed up everywhere from the Globe and Mail to Snowboard Canada. A veteran in the communications field, he also pays a lot of bills as a corporate copywriter – but his heart belongs to fiction in all its glorious, improbable weirdness.

Cam Hayden is an artist, musician, and sometimes writer and a member of the Panel One Collective. He takes most of his inspiration from the classic MAD/EC artists. His works include:
Futility!, B-Movie Garbage!, Death Metal Suck!, Shitty Stories, Red Flag!, CCF Comics!, and Beverly!, a gruesome reimagining of the Beverly Hillbillies with zombies.

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