Sleeping Underwater

Niles Townsend is a private detective, and a struggling survivor of supernatural violence. With his eye on retirement, he takes one final case, recovering a box of stolen mementos for architectural Wunderkind Carter Bennet.

In short order, Niles falls in love with his new client, that new client is kidnapped, and violence and the supernatural are back on the menu. So much for retirement.

With the help of an assassin, the search for Carter leads Niles to an immigrant gang from rogue nation Sel Souris and their illicit trade in a drug made from ground beetles found only on their island. Niles is unaware that his past lives link him to the colonial history of Sel Souris, and that he was instrumental in the destruction of their island’s numinous and strange magic. Of this magic, only the beetles remain as a hopeful flicker. 

Sleeping Underwater explores the legacy of trauma, tracing scars travelling down one life into the next. Niles Townsend is about to learn that some mysteries can never be understood, and that love, even illegal love, is powerful enough to reach inside and heal, no matter how far we’ve withdrawn from the world.

Ryan States was born in Calgary in 1971, and raised in Saskatoon. He spent huge numbers of hours at the library reading old books, studying cryptozoology, UFOs, the occult, and film history. He also watches far far more movies than anyone should. He knows the “real names” of virtually every hero and villain in the history of DC Comics, but is iffy on his own phone number.
Currently, he lives in Edmonton, Alberta with author Gayleen Froese, his platonic life partner, and their three dogs. He is inordinately sentimental about all of them. 
He puts food on his table working as a public servant. His retirement plans include winning the lottery, hoping for sudden unexpected literary success and/or working until he dies.  
He is the author of two other self-published books, Silver Bullets and Souria.
But he assumes you already knew THAT….