#AuthorsAMA #CoffinHopAMA with @AxelHow

That’s right! Our own head Coffin Hopper, Axel Howerton, will be conducting the first official #AMA on the new Coffin Hop Press AMA page! Want to know about the upcoming slate of CHP titles? Want to politely inquire as to why Axel forgot to say Happy Birthday to you on Facebook last year? Want to know what evil lurks in the hearts of publishers?

Photo 2018-03-15, 4 08 25 PM

Questions are open now, and Axel will be answering your queries, quizzes, and hot-button-issue-related conundrums starting this Monday afternoon. Writing, publishing, boxing, music, 80’s television… anything and everything. That’s the name of the game.


That means you have all weekend to get liquored up and think of the perfect bon mot to stump him with (it is St. Patty’s, after all). Go to https://authorsama.amafeed.com/im-axel-howerton-punch-drunk-canadian-author-hometown-anti-hero-and-492401/ or visit the Coffin Hop Press AMA page to get your digs in! Search #CoffinHopAMA

In the coming weeks we’ll be setting up A.M.A.’s with our writers, new and old, so stay tuned!